Friendship Groups

NYA features a unique classroom environment called “Friendship Groups,” and we limit our capacity to fifteen students per group.  By doing this, NYA realizes its “Personal Best” model and provides students with individualized, one-on-one attention that encourages academic and personal growth.  NYA also emphasizes the importance of executing daily team builders in order to build a sense of community within—and between—the Friendship Groups.  Our five Friendship groups are split by grade level and location.

Friendship Group 1, 1st & 2nd grade

Friendship Group 2, 3rd-5th grade

Friendship Group 2, 3rd & 4th grade

Friendship Group 2, located in Venice: 3rd-5th grade

Friendship Group 3, located in Venice: 6th-8th grade

Our Satellite Learning Centers, located in Mid-City, DTLA, and Harbor Gateway, provide unique one-room classroom settings serving children in grades 1-8 with a high school leadership and tutoring component. We maintain a high teacher to student ratio of two teachers to fifteen students at these sites.